XQS Renews Partnership with, Reinforces Position in Key Markets


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Twinroll’s is delighted to announce the extension of its partnership with XQS through 2024. This renewal signifies XQS’s commitment to further solidifying its position in’s primary markets.

CEO Jonas Lindkvist of Twinroll expressed his satisfaction with the extended collaboration, stating, “We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with XQS as they choose to extend their presence on This decision reflects the trust and success we’ve built together, and we look forward to supporting XQS in continuing to thrive in our key markets.”

XQS, a dynamic player in the nicotine pouch industry, has leveraged the platform to strengthen its foothold in’s primary markets. The renewal of this partnership is a testament to the mutually beneficial relationship established over time.

Lindkvist added, “Our commitment to providing a platform that supports the growth of brands like XQS remains unwavering. We are excited about the journey ahead and the continued success that this partnership will bring to both parties.”, operated by Twinroll, offers a curated selection of high-quality nicotine pouch brands to a global audience, and the continued collaboration with XQS contributes to the platform’s commitment to offering diversity and innovation in the industry.

For more information about XQS’s extended partnership with, please visit [].

About Twinroll:

Twinroll is a leading full-service and contract private label Nicotine Pouches supplier based in Sweden., operated by Twinroll, offers a diverse selection of high-quality nicotine pouch brands and provides global shipping for customer convenience.

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Jonas Lindkvist,, +46703364040

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