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Nicokickers-Supported Customer Launches Nicotine Pouches in Finland and Beyond


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Stockholm, Sweden – [June 15]

A Nicokickers customer has expanded their Nicotine Pouches brand into Finland, with support from Nicokickers, and it’s now available in retail stores and restaurants. In July 2023, they will open a Pop-up store in Helsinki. Looking ahead, they aim to launch in Bulgaria and Greece in Q1 2024, with Nicokickers as their service, warehousing, and packaging provider.

CEO Jonas Lindkvist of Nicokickers said, “We’re proud to be part of our customer’s Finnish expansion and upcoming Helsinki launch. We look forward to introducing our offerings to Bulgaria and Greece in early 2024.” The customer’s innovative Nicotine Pouches have been well-received. The Helsinki Pop-up store will offer a hands-on experience for customers.

About Nicokickers

Nicokickers is a leading private label Nicotine Pouches supplier based in Sweden. They offer high-quality solutions for businesses entering the nicotine pouch market.

For more information, please contact:

Jonas Lindkvist,, +46703364040

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